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Katastrofe Social/Negative Side split 7"

Image of Katastrofe Social/Negative Side split 7"


(Extreme Noise Discos, etc)

When Active Minds toured Brazil this year, I asked them what was the best band they played with, and they said: Katastrofe Social! So I made sure to bring home a big stack of their records when I was down there.

Katastrofe Social are a 90's band that waited until 2016 to start releasing records. They play a straight-forward hardcore punk with the sort of sensitivity to songwriting and melody that kinda reminds me of Active Minds actually. While they don't have the the width of sound that Active Minds does, they do have a similar ability to craft straight-forward yet memorable and exciting songs. Really GREAT shit.

Negative Side play the sort of pure, unsullied d-beat that I've been kinda obsessed with lately. Simple songwriting, perfect production that's raw and abrasive without being too blown out or indistinguishable, musicianship that's not too loose but not too tight, everything is just kinda perfect.

GREAT split.

Part of the big assortment of stuff I brought back from Brazil.