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Last Chaos - No LP

Image of Last Chaos - No LP


(Televised Suicide Records)

Final release by one of Australia's best punk exports of the last few years, and they're going out on a high note. In their final minutes, Last Chaos has shed all traces of the d-beat/raw punk undercurrent seen in their previous releases, and belt out 4 tracks of pure hardcore punk with all the songwriting craftsmanship, ear for production, and innate understanding of the genre that comes with being seasoned veterans at a creative peak. "Death of the Man Gods" shows us a hint of what the future could have brought for us dear listeners, and it's a shame that the ideas Last Chaos began to hint at will go unrealized. But there's no better way to end a band than at the top, and No LP is definitely the top of Last Chaos' discography. If you dug the LP (and judging by sales I know a number of you did), you're going to LOVE this.