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Les Rallizes Denudes ‎– Tachikawa, 12th March 1977 2xLP - FOUND ONE MORE

Image of Les Rallizes Denudes ‎– Tachikawa, 12th March 1977 2xLP - FOUND ONE MORE



Recent bootleg 2xLP of this classic live documentation of the legendary Japanese experimental/psych group Les Rallizes Denudes.

I am posing out here a little and I'm not all that familiar with LRD. I have heard them in passing via Sean/Fan Death Records and Mike/Chaos Destroy over the years. I kinda know who they are and what they do. I know they're a big deal and in the 60's/70's they set the stage for a lot of experimental, psychedelic, noise, shoegaze, and avant garde-type stuff we all enjoy today. They have a pretty fascinating story, shrouded in secrecy and armed rebellion against the Japanese government, which you can read about on Wikipedia:

This live recording is, I think?, their most highly regarded and most "classic" recording, featuring the band playing their signature style in their prime. 10-20 minute songs, heavy on the droning rhythmic repetition against wild acid-washed noised-out guitar acrobatics and pyrotechnics.

If you are into experimental music at all, and specifically if you are into "weird Japanese shit" (Boredoms, Melt Banana, Boris, Acid Mothers Temple, Merzbow, Hanatarash, whatever), I think this is pretty essential listening, to help contextualize and understand the things we all enjoy today.

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