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Morte Lenta / Maläd / Dirty Harry / Gorgonized Dorks 4-way split tape

Image of Morte Lenta / Maläd / Dirty Harry / Gorgonized Dorks 4-way split tape


(Rotova Porojnina Records)

Is four bands on one release a split or a compilation?? A question since the dawn of punk....

Anyway this tape is fucking tremendous and I kinda feel like would sail under the radar even for more noisecore fans (because this world is brimming with immeasurable amounts of random noisecore tapes and generally speaking, it's not worth it to hear every single one) let me just say, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are into noisecore.

Morte Lenta kick things off with possibly their best material???? Absolute noisecore as political protest, no songs, no melody, only radical expression of outrage at the world around us. So much energy, so much emotion, so much attitude.....this is the shit that makes me want to keep living.

Malad do some A-grade bass/drums noisecore with a blown out, raw production, musical tangents set against nonmusical explosions. Great.

Dirty Harry, no clue about this band, but they do some cool musical destruction that comes across as a blur of harsh recording distortion.

Gorgonized Dorks are kinda legendary in their own right and their material here is just great straight-forward noisecore.

Overall this is possibly not so exciting if you're not specifically into noisecore.....but if you are, I HIGHLY recommend this, it's a great exercise in the genre by four bands that somehow simultaneously chip in amongst their best work.