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Morte Lenta/CSMD/Hades Mining Co 3-way split 7"

Image of Morte Lenta/CSMD/Hades Mining Co 3-way split 7"


(No Fucking Labels et al)

Morte Lenta are the overwhelming victors on this record. Easily their best material, even better than the upcoming 7" on SPHC. Totally feral and explosive, no riffs no talent no music, just complete sonic devastation. Perfect.

Hades Mining Co are lurking around up there in Rochester and they seem to do a wide variety of styles and sounds across their discography. Their material here is this rancid, fucked up dirge jammer that's just absurd and cool as hell. Like Drunks with Guns on flakka.

CSMD play their classic style of space alien noisecore with big rumbling low-end. No cover songs here, this is just straight-up noisecore, goes toe to toe with the best of them.