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Napalm Death is Dead - Meat of Slave EP

Image of Napalm Death is Dead - Meat of Slave EP


(The Child With No Name Records)

Latest and greatest from NDID, one of the best noisecore bands in the game right now. One-sided 7" release straight out of Poland, I'm gonna guess I'm the only person selling this thing in the USA (similar to the one-sided Final Exit EP on the same label).

NDID here start with a harsh noise intro and then delve into some punishing doom crawl, real heavy and filthy shit with a nasty rumbling bass tone, start interspersing blasts of noisecore into the crawl that slowly turn into accents, and then just fall apart into this flailing mess of brutal bass/drums noisecore mania. For a band that often sounds like it's falling apart at the seams, this material is remarkably tight and coordinated, really well arranged and dynamic, engaging.

One of the strongest NDID releases to date. Shit's AWESOME, Ucchy can do no wrong, blah blah blah, essential for noisecore freaks and geeks.