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Necronomidol - Deathless LP

Image of Necronomidol - Deathless LP


(Specific Records)

New LP by Japan's current top alternative idol group, courtesy of our friends Specific Records, who specialize in bringing the most exciting fringe J-Pop/J-Rock groups onto a vinyl format for the western world.

Deathless LP sees Necronomidol reaching a new level of maturity, which seems a bit unexpected from an idol group like this, but I do believe it is a good thing. While the first LP was such a fascinating and bizarre mash-up of styles and ideas, and it was very charming and compelling, this LP feels much less like "fringe/edgy idol group" and much more like "a real band", if you understand what I mean. The singing is more skilled, the songwriting depends less on novelty and more on craftsmanship, the arrangements and sequencing are more sensible, the style more refined. Overall I think I find it to be a better ALBUM than Nemesis LP (not a knock to that first LP cause I love that too and it is a fine, fine piece of work in and of itself).

Also, "Skulls in the Stars" is still such a fucking hot track, god damn.

Well, check out a music video and see what you think: