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Necronomidol - Nemesis LP

Image of Necronomidol - Nemesis LP


(Specific Records)

Newest release by our friends at Specific Records, who specialize in bringing the most exciting fringe J-Pop/J-Rock groups onto a vinyl format for the western world.

And honestly, this is probably the weirdest thing they've released yet.

The label description namedrops black metal and King Diamond, and that's not far off. Check this shit out:

I guess this is a fully realized version of Babymetal, like if Babymetal was Dimmu Borgir and Necronomidol was DarkThrone. More aggressive and kvlt riffs than Babymetal, and more classically quality vocals.

Some tracks are black metal, some are more like Motorhead, some are more like NWOBHM (complete with epic guitar solos). And some tracks are more like spooky darkwave/aggressive dance-pop/horror movie soundtrack with a house music bpm, I think those are the 'hits'. Makes sense, cause "Skulls in the Stars" is a fucking banger.

Great record, if you're into weird shit.

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