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Neutron Rats - Primitive Past // Nuclear Future LP

Image of Neutron Rats - Primitive Past // Nuclear Future LP


(Loud Punk Records)

Final release by.....I dunno, the third best punk band of the northeast, after Aspects of War and Gas Chamber?

Neutron Rats have been holding it down in Albany since 2008 I think? I first heard them from Marcus (ex-Brain Killer), on that little Brain Killer/Lotus Fucker stint we did waaay back in the day, he gave me the first demo tape with a recommendation. I gave it a listen and thought, well hell yeah, this is cool. Just solid rampaging hardcore punk that sounded like what I wanted to hear. When our paths finally crossed, I was excited to see them.

And over the years, Neutron Rats has really won me over time and time again. Great live band, great records, cool style and easy to digest songs, great people, hard workers with a good attitude, touring hard and staying busy, making punk happen. Always stuck with Loud Punk Records, which is an angle that as a label guy I appreciate and made mental note of. Longevity, which is rare in the USA these days. So, I really respect them.
I think they never really got the level of appreciation and notoriety a band of their caliber ought to get, because they were from a smaller city (man, I know how that goes LOL). Because I do think that they made better records, wrote better songs, and played better sets than almost any of their peers. I think if they were from NYC or Philadelphia or Toronto, they would have been flown around to headline fests after their second demo tape or something. But the harder road builds character, and I felt a kindred spirit in Neutron Rats.

I didn't really understand until I was staying at Brendan's house and looking at tour posters and gig flyers on the wall, that Neutron Rats really accomplished a lot in their years. They toured all over the USA, will go to Europe this year, played lots of cool shows with cool bands, I mean frankly they just grew into being an outstanding band that they should be proud of, and this LP really showcases them at the top of their game.

Well I understand they will break up soon and I am sad about that. I've always looked forward to seeing them live, to hearing what they'll do next, from my distant home of Baltimore I have been happy for them every time I saw them doing something cool. They are a band that I really valued and I kinda regret not doing a record for them when we talked about it but also Loud Punk Records is one of the increasingly few punk labels I really respect and I don't see what I could have done for them that Chris didn't do.

Anyway I am just rambling as a sort of "RIP Neutron Rats", they were one of the best bands in my region over the 2010's, I will remember them fondly, and if you have not heard them yet, I highly recommend this LP, and if you are European, please catch them on their upcoming tour, you're in for a treat!!!!