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Noise/Bixera split 7" - FOUND ONE MORE

Image of Noise/Bixera split 7" - FOUND ONE MORE


(FOAD Records)

First new studio recordings of Noise in many years, and they have not lost one single particle of absolute power. Fuck every other grind band on the planet right now in comparison, this shit is PERFECT. Clean production of ugly tones, tight playing of insane musical destruction, the fastest blastbeats this side of Shitnoise Bastards. 16 tracks on one side of a 7" so you know this shit is cool. Also Noise still holds with Framtid as the most mind-numbingly brutal, skull-shatteringly devastating live bands I've ever seen.

Bixera are a younger goregrind band that I am not as familiar with, but their side makes me feel like I should be. The first goregrind record in many years that I really cared about, that resonated with me in some way. It's got the groove but also keeps things short and fast-paced, got the insane effected vocals but also keeps everything serious and aggressive. Terrific.