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Our Future Vol. 1 Issue 3 zine

Image of Our Future Vol. 1 Issue 3 zine



For me, the best zine in the game right now.

This issue is dedicated to The Wankys, which is cool because they are a band that I think has a lot worth talking about but has kinda fallen off the radar in the last few years. They're a band that's accomplished so much, have a really intriguing vision and process, has influenced so many people, and I think a lot of their greatest accomplishments have been the most subtle and understated. And god damnit, they just make great records!!!

This zine features interviews with the band and with some of the people closest to them (Tony Gunnarsson, Bunta, me). Also includes a very detailed band history, a nice retrospective on Downtown Noise Punker comp series, and original art from Mike McGraw (Chaos Destroy).