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Somewhere along the line, Tony told me that patches were selling like crazy at the store. So I thought, fuck it man, why not? I'll see if they sell for me too.

These are high quality patches straight from Dolly Patchaos, one of the masters of the trade. They're not embroidered, they're screenprinted, but they're not on loose canvas fabric like most patches I've encountered in DIY punk, they're on firm material with embroidered edges similar to an embroidered patch. These are definitely ready to get sewn on and won't come unraveled or fray at the edges or anything like that. And the screenprinting is sharp, the images look good, and they won't chip or fade.

Anyway, Dolly is really good at this sort of stuff and I prefer his patches to most others.

The patches are listed below in the order they're in the photos.