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Pathologist collection 2xCDs

Image of Pathologist collection 2xCDs


(Bizarre Leprous Productions)
(Czech Republic)

Big fancy 2xCD collections of every recording of this super kvlt Czech goregrind/death metal band. I am posing out a bit, I am not so familiar with this band, only knew the name, and wouldn't have guessed they had a dedicated enough following to warrant a collection treatment of this magnitude.

The early demos are a wild ride, loose and reckless, brutal and deranged in all the right ways. Lots of heart. First demo is basically shit-fi blurring noisecore that goes toe to toe with any comparable South American band of the time, and that's probably my favorite stuff.

By the time they make the move to proper CDs/albums, they have a tasteful studio recording, their style is more fully realized and fleshed out. They're much more metal, but in a way that appeals to me, shit is kvlt and definitely makes me feel like I ought to be sitting alone in a basement being antisocial (which is the way good metal tends to make me feel).

Between both of these 2xCDs, I think you have every recording/release they ever did, in a way it's a bit overwhelming, but if you're like me and you find this kind of music to be a very relaxing and pleasant background noise to go about your daily activities, just throw this shit on the boombox and live it up.