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I've stocked up on a small assortment of super kvlt Peruvian grindcore, noisecore, raw metal, etc type CDs for all the freaks and geeks out there. This stuff is near and dear to my heart cause Danny and I would always listen to these around the house, it's a bit of the soundtrack to a certain time and place in my life.

Atrofia Cerebreal - Estirpe Inmunda CD - more recent recordings of this classic South American noisecore band. Punish your ears until your brain reaches climax.

Audicion Irritable - Debacle Imperialista CD - reissue of the original 1990 demo tape by this Peruvian noisecore band. 10,000 tracks of radical noise resistance, total shit-fi garbage that has more in common with the sounds of dogs barking while running around breaking glass next door to a construction site predominantly based around using chainsaws.

Yog Sothoth - Demo and Rehearsal 1988 CD - remastered reissue of two 1988 demo tapes of this lost Peruvian black metal band that is basically a noisecore band but with a logo and cover art that look black metal. If this was what black metal normally sounded like, I would wear corpse paint to shows starting tomorrow. Really raw shit.

V/A - Destruccion Mucial Vol. 2 comp CD - featuring tracks from Audicion Irritable (Peru), Mierda Humana (Peru), Injuria Premeditada (Peru), Sordecer (Chile), Tirotoxicosis (Colombia), Oral Protection (Indonesia)...nonstop worldwide shit-fi radical noisecore freak music.