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PI$$ER - Wretched Life EP

Image of PI$$ER - Wretched Life EP


(Kibou Records)

There's no way to describe this in just 7 words cause it's simply too bizarre.

Members of all your favorite bands (Anti-Cimex, Doom, Sore Throat, The Domestics, Shitty Limits, Cathedral, etc) do a project band that's self-described as "Cravats and X-Ray Spex meeting bangin' Swedish hardcore". It's the kind of burly, tough straight-forward hardcore you'd expect out of Sweden or UK in the 90's/00's, but with these truly bizarre saxophone parts layered in. But not in a Nightmare-style of cacophony and chaos, this in an Armia-style of atmosphere and vibe....In fact I think "Armia but more immediate" is a really great descriptor here.

Really fascinating and cool record and if you're into Armia like I am, I think for sure you'll appreciate this. In a world of obvious copycat and genre exercise bands, this is a step towards the interesting that, unlike many others that try, still retains all the things you liked about punk in the first place.

This record sold out real quick but I got a few copies over here!

Sold Out