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Ruidos Absurdos - self-titled EP (RESTOCKED)

Image of Ruidos Absurdos - self-titled EP (RESTOCKED)


(Lady Lasol Records)

Wow, kinda never thought I'd see the day that this record came out, but I am SO HAPPY the whole world can now easily hear this thing.

Brazil has a deep history of insane bombblast 'noise not music' hardcore brutality, from bands fortunate enough to make records (Olho Seco, Ulster) to 'demo only' bands (SP Caos, ETC). Ruidos Absurdos fits squarely within this realm and, by my count, is some of the best punk music ever.

Ruidos Absurdos was a momentary blip in the formative years of Brazilian hardcore, featuring members of everybody's favorite bands playing a traditional style. All they managed to lay to tape were a couple demo and rehearsal tracks, but sometimes, that's enough. These 8 songs are an outrageous attack against the systems that oppresses us.....and against our fuckin eardrums. A penultimate statement of the radical brutality I associate with traditional Brazilian hardcore.

I have my own relationship to this music that I ramble about on the SPHC bandcamp so I won't repeat myself here. But I'm ecstatic that all the photos and documentation we put together got put to good use in the end and I'm thankful that someone more skilled than me made a better end product than I could have. Absolute respect and admiration to Otto for pulling it off, fuckin punks win!!!!!