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random cool goregrind CDs I stocked for my friends and am selling the leftovers online

Image of random cool goregrind CDs I stocked for my friends and am selling the leftovers online


so I have a small cadre of locals that buy goregrind CDs and tapes from me as I get them in trades and such. I don't really wheel and deal in this particular subgenre of grind so often, but I do like the classics as much as the next guy, and have some vague awareness of current bands that are enjoyable for me, so I do periodically grab stuff I think my friends would like. Now I've got some leftovers and maybe someone not right down the street would like them.


Last Days of Humanity/Stoma split CD (Bizarre Leprous Productions): Reissue of this 2001 split. Last Days of Humanity is probably my #1 favorite goregrind band ever and encapsulates everything I enjoy about this genre. Just totally absurd nonstop relentless brutality without any consideration to "song" or "music" or whatever poser ass shit norms are into, only painting an audio picture of nihilism and depravity. It's like the soundtrack to human mortality. Well, this is the kind of thing I was way into when I was a little kid, before I started writing songs about blooming flowers inspired by children's television from foreign countries LOL. Anyway every LDoH release is pure magic, I used to wear their very graphic shirt in high school, and they were jaw-droppingly good at Maryland Deathfest when they played. Oh yeah and Stoma is on this too and their material is great straight-up goregrind as well, a bit more normal in their style but when the blasts hit, fuuuuuuck it's so cool.
Also isn't it a little weird that there was never a vinyl version of this? Or am I just a goregrind poser for not believing fully in the power of CDs?

Meatal Ulcer - The Fog Had Begun To Churn With Flesh Enthusiasm CD (Bizarre Leprous Productions): Collection CD of splits and tapes from this obscure Australian goregrind band. Heavy and tight production, nonstop blasting, with an emphasis on the layered, messy, super-effected vocals. Brutal shit. Hook me up with the LP please?

Oniku - Way to Live CD (Shit-Eye Cassettes): Latest and greatest from this one-man Japanese goregrind project. Pretty straight-forward style, executed perfectly, with heart and attention to detail. Love this shit.

Super Fun Happy Slide - The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario CD (Bizarre Leprous Productions): Killer goregrind/grindcore from Australia, on my radar because they took Sete Star Sept on tour awhile ago and Kiyasu and Kae had good things to say about them. I love this CD, a nice raw production with a clean mix, really hectic and nonstop attack, lots of personality.