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Rot - Prisoner of My Fear tape

Image of Rot - Prisoner of My Fear tape


(Grindfather Productions)

Reissue of the first Rot demo tape, from 1991. Rot are of course one of the best grind bands of all time, they've got a big discography that is just nonstop brutality perfection. This first demo tape sees them putting their signature style on display right off the bat, heavy grooves and crusty undertones that reflect early Napalm Death and the brutal crustcore that was happening around the world at that time. And you just know these guys were listening to a ton of Fear of God too. =P

When I think of 'the kind of grindcore that I like', this is what I'm talking about. Raw and ugly, focused on tasteful extremity, the brutality and heaviness of metal but the songwriting and attitude of punk. This shit is timeless, sounds just as fresh and powerful in 2018 as I'm sure it did in 1991.

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