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Short Fast & Loud zine #30 w/ Deathgrave/Violation Wound split 7"

Image of Short Fast & Loud zine #30 w/ Deathgrave/Violation Wound split 7"


(Six Weeks Records)

Newest issue of Short Fast & Loud, I stocked up on some copies because I interviewed Industrial Holocaust (Brazil) in here and I think it's a pretty cool read, some interesting insights into one of the best bands ever and I don't think they've ever done a proper English-language interview before? That being said, man, I think I kinda fucked up LOL. I'm used to the MRR way of doing things where they kinda handle the formatting and the intro for you. As a result, I think the interview is like, a little awkward in its presentation, just cause I didn't think to write an introduction or anything like that, I just e-mailed over the text as-is. So, sorry everybody, I kinda messed up, but now I know.

The zine also has all the usual columns and reviews, plus very cool interviews with Gasp (USA) and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers (Italy).

And it comes with a split 7" between two Bay Area hardcore bands, Deathgrave and Violation Wound. Both bands play a sort of mishmash of punk/hardcore/metal, Deathgrave having a more metal execution and brutal vocals, Violation Wound being a bit more punk to my ears. We got bands that sound like this in Baltimore too, if you know what I mean.