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Sludge - Conduct LP

Image of Sludge - Conduct LP


(Crust War, Discos Mutacion)

Debut record from Wakayama punk metal bastards Sludge. Got a few copies to bring home after the Thisclose/Sludge tour, have at it!

Sludge play dark metallic Japanese hardcore, drawing instant similarities to bands like Ghoul, Zouo, Demolition, Gates, Tetsu Array, etc. Wakayama punk dad Katsuya shouts out with his distinct commanding, intimidating style, while guitar hero Hi-san wails some of the most air-guitaring metal solos this side of Gism. After a demo CD-R that seemed to catch the attention of everyone who heard it in Japan, Crust War offered to do them a whole LP. I know a lot of Japanese punks were excited to see Sludge hit the road for their first tour, and have a new record out to boot. Get this, get the split 7", get hip to what everyone in Japan is already talking about.