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I brought a few CDs back from Brazil, but I've got too much stuff to easily list on the website, so here's a catch-all option. Choose the CD you want from the dropdown box. Also these all ship with jewel cases unless it's packaged in a slipcase.

Agathocles - Beerhouse Live: Brazil Tour 2013 CD on Purgatorius Records - solid live recordings

Agathocles - Commence to Mince CD on a bunch of labels - Brazilian CD version of the new Agathocles album. Their first proper, studio-recorded, new-songs full length album in....a long time I think? But the formula is the same as usual, they have their signature style and it's in full effect here. Out of the immense discography, this is one of the essential ones.

Besthoven - Quando a Bomba Explode CD on a bunch of labels - complete collection of the numerous Besthoven recordings of 2007 and 2008. Legendary Brazilian raw d-beat, one of the masters of the genre.

Cystoblastosis - Post​-​Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse CD on Cemitério Records - Russian goregrind

Haemorrhage - Anatomial Inferno CD on Cemitério Records - Brazilian reissue of a 90's classic by this legendary Spanish gore metal band. Great band, and this record shows them in top form.

Helvetin Viemarit/Nuclear Frost split CD on a ton of labels - two highlights of recent Brazilian crusty hardcore. Helvetin Viemarit play Finnish-style hardcore that shows the impact of Kuolema having toured Brazil a couple times. Seriously great shit, singer told me they are broken up now, shame, I wish I could have seen them. Nuclear Frost play brutal d-beat that draws an interesting black metal influence.

Lo-Fi - Meddling in Regressive Rock CD on Laja Records - Last album by the ultimate bad boys of Brazilian rock. Some bands set low artistic goals as genre exercise bands (nothing wrong with that mind you), but some bands really shoot for the stars and always try to push themselves into uncharted territory, to keep expanding and evolving. The process, the journey, the growth, becomes more important than making sure the end result stays colored within the lines. Lo-Fi is a band that has continuously redefined themselves, pushed themselves in new directions based on their own whims and desires, never content to stay on the same page for long. That is the meaning of their "regressive rock" style. To abandon convention and let only the feeling of ROCK guide you forward, wherever it takes you. Their final album sees them at their most uncompromising, just making outsider rock music that draws as much from outside influence as it does their own personality and musicianship.

New York Against the Belzebu - Xaninha Noise Core CD on Cemitério Records - NYAB continues with their current absurdist noisecore style, throwing down 83 tracks in less than 30 minutes of their wild noisecore but this time using somebody's cats as part of a chorus of vocalists. Would you be surprised that it sounds fucking great? Also I think Danny from Anal Butt listens to this almost every day recently. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

New York Against the Belzebu/Sete Star Sept split CD on Cemitério Records - 86 tracks, 47 minutes, great noisecore by both bands. NYAB is absurd, unhinged, wild in their style and execution, just one of the best bands in the game. Cool SP Caos cover. SSS is kinda the best band ever and their material here has a crazy almost industrial-type ratchet sound quality, makes their material seem all the more crazy and out of control. GREAT SPLIT.

Rot - Old Dirty Grindcores 2xCD on Karasu Killer - complete splits and comps collection of the best Brazilian grindcore band of all time. Absolutely essential.

Sengaya - Grindcore Attack CD on a ton of labels - basically perfect Brazilian grindcore from this veteran band. This is exactly the way I like this shit, short songs, nonstop blasting, unceasing brutality, off the charts energy....a flawless execution of the style. If this band was from Oakland CA USA instead of Sao Jose SC Brazil, they'd be fucking huge. Treat yourself.

Shitfun/Crotchrot split CD on Cemitério Records - Lotus Fucker played with both these bands on our 2015 Brazil tour actually. Crotchrot play pretty reasonable gore metal. Shitfun are a perfect midpoint between old-school death metal and goregrind from two guys that really understand and appreciate this kind of stuff, really tasteful and killer shit. Good band.

Skarnio - Abismo CD on self-released - HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!! Brazilian-style hardcore at its finest. Newest album by this classic band. CD only release. I only got 1 extra!

Social Chaos - Revolutions Breath CD on Karasu Killer Records - HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!! Brazilian-style hardcore at its finest.

V/A - 4 Way For Destruction CD on Karasu Killer Records - "Two Japanese bands (Darge & Encroached) + two Brazilian bands (Massacre em Alphaville & Under The Ruins) = a lot of crust, thrash and punk!" so says the label

V/A - Feraliminal Bowel Septico Gore Fetus CD on Cemitério Records - featuring a slew of Russian and Brazilian goregrind bands: Dead Fetus Collection, Gore (who are the winners for me with their raw recording and totally rabid execution), Septicopyemia (this band really minces, heavy mid-tempo grooves), Feraliminal Lycanthropizer, Bowel Stew

What I Want - self-titled CD on a bunch of labels - good crusty grindcore from Brazil