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Su19b/Sea of Shit split 7"

Image of Su19b/Sea of Shit split 7"


(Blast For Humanity)

Su19b are one of the coolest bands in the game and I've ranted about them enough already and will do so more in the future. They contribute 1 fucking TERRIFIC track on here that really encapsulates their current style. It's HEAVY, it's BRUTAL, it's bleak, it lunges for you at full force but also stops on a dime, it's dynamic, it just sounds fucking evil. It's equally rooted in black metal, sludge, and power violence, in a way that's exciting and fresh.

Sea of Shit throw in 3 tracks of genre-exercise power violence that hits every mark in all the right ways. Ugly production, tight stop/start arrangements, totally raging shit. But it's "Contamination Effect" that really shows that they're more than the average power violence band, a quiet creepy track that I feel like shows a lot of Gas Chamber/Column of Heaven influence. It's really excellent and shows a stylistic depth that wasn't obvious to me on their previous releases (or maybe I just wasn't paying attention).

Great split all the way around!!