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Sun Children Sun/Unequal Reality - アンイコールリアリティ + サンチル split tape

Image of Sun Children Sun/Unequal Reality - アンイコールリアリティ + サンチル split tape



Got a stack of these from Anton, THANK YOU my friend!!!!
Otherwise unavailable outside Japan I think so here's your chance, world.

Sun Children Sun are from Tokyo and are basically the only band in the world that matters to me. Anytime they so much as stick their tongue out at a microphone, I want to hear it.
Their side is a live set from early 2015, and it is pure magic put onto a cassette tape. Features every song I want to hear. In this ugly shitty world that makes me want to fucking die, Sun Children Sun in a live setting is a beacon of light that pulls me forward, one step at a time. In a live setting, the fast hardcore undertones of this band really play out, cause this shit is totally raging and chaotic, but also they are prone to get funky, get dancey, get samba, and/or get chill, at the drop of a dime. Truly one of the best bands ever.

Unequal Reality hail from Fukuoka and throw down 6 tracks of melodic and raw as fuck punk music. A nice compliment to the wild chaos of the other side.