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The Because - Get Out Through the Back Door LP

Image of The Because - Get Out Through the Back Door LP


(Debauch Mood)

I'm abandoning the unspoken 'word count = record size' description style for this one because this is one of my all-time favorite records.

I love this scene/time of Japanese pop-punk. Blotto was an unstoppable beast of a band, I Excuse dropped their masterpiece final LP, Navel's new album of the time remains their best work.....the mid/late 00's was a high point of pop-punk, in my opinion.

And I was a HUGE fan of the early The Because split 7"s, and bought this CD when it came out in 2008....hard to believe that was over a decade ago. Their newfound garage-y style kinda threw me off at first but it grew on me real quick. It helps that this album is just hit after hit after hit, especially the second half doesn't let up at all, really powerful and emotionally compelling shit.

The Because started as a more genre-exercise Leatherface/Broccoli/Hooton 3 Car pop-punk band, and wrote a bunch of impeccable songs over a slew of split 7"s in this style.

But by this LP, The Because had put one foot into garage rock, with a less distorted/heavy and more twangy/clean guitar tone, cow bell in one song, super dry and snappy drum production, more "wild" performance. But they kept a lot of the riff-crafting and songwriting from the Leatherface/Broccoli/Hooton 3 Car school of pop-punk, and it results in a really cool style that I haven't really heard anyone else explore (although I could just be unaware of it).
And again, just listen to tracks like "Chaining Me There", "The Great Innocence", "Let Everything Be" use the parlance of my coworker Caila, THIS SHIT SLAPS.

Also one time I saw a gig flyer with The Because and Contrast Attitude playing together and that has always stuck with me as "the crossover gig I would most like to attend" hahaha.

Anyway this CD continues to be a fundamental part of the soundtrack of my life, one of those records where you remember every song like the back of your hand. Two big thumbs up to Shugo for reissuing this on vinyl and it continues to be my dream that all these classic albums from this time/place will find their way onto vinyl in the end.

And The Because people continued forward with their garage style with Balladmen, whose LP is also in the distro. By this point it's closer to a mix of blues and UK pop-punk influence to be found...still good though.