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The Gerogerigegege - self-titled LP

Image of The Gerogerigegege - self-titled LP


(Scrotum Records)

Traded for a stack of these by request. Latest and greatest from this legendary Japanese experimental outfit. Even the 'bad' stuff is great and cool, in the context of the total recorded output of this band. High art meets low art and at a certain point, there is no 'good' or 'bad', there just is. Get into it or leave the hall, poser. Was listening to Sexual Behavior in the Human Male CD at work the other day and reflecting on just how fucking smart and interesting this band tends to be.

This release takes a funky rocker on the A-side, and plays around with silence, space, cut-ups, splicing, and looping to create a weird bit of orchestrated madness on the B-side. Very cool.