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The Wankys/Kuolema split 7"

Image of The Wankys/Kuolema split 7"


(Lady Lasol Records)

A split formed in heaven right here, a perfect combination of two (of the best punk) bands (ever) with similar yet distinct personalities and styles.

The Wankys are one of my favorite bands, SPHC fam, and after numerous tours all over Europe, USA, and Japan, I think everybody knows what their deal is. They throw down two tracks of their signature noise punk style that I just can't get enough of. Honestly this might be the best Wankys material since the 8" and split 7" with Lotus Fucker....these 2 songs put all the best ideas of The Wankys over the last 10 years into full effect, at once totally catchy and tight while also scathing and chaotic, both dynamic and immediate, both harsh and fun. Shit is PERFECT.

Kuolema have been making horrendous noise not music since the mid-80's, Ile's signature wails and howls over a speed noise hardcore attack. Playing with them in Finland was a life achievement I won't forget anytime soon. Big band for me. Their side is two tracks that come across as a tad more metal than their usual fare.

This was self-released by Kuolema guys in just 200 copies and sold out instantly, pretty sure I'm the only American distribution this has, so have at it.