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Therapy demo tape

Image of Therapy demo tape



First demo tape by the hottest new west coast band, San Diego's Therapy. This was the best band we saw on the Active Minds west coast tour, totally knocked my socks off, so I went ahead and bought a few of their demo to try and get the word out.

My immediate reaction was "Look Back and Laugh covering Discharge", which is big praise in my eyes because I think Look Back and Laugh was one of the truly GREAT hardcore bands of the 00's and is a band that, in a lot of ways, is kinda without peer to me.

My reaction was based on the super tight and particularly rhythmic, tom-heavy drumming style that gives the same feeling of chaos and movement as LBAL had, and you know, obviously that they are basically a hardcore band that sounds the same, but a lot of the riff-crafting and some of the songwriting is a very fresh and unexpected take on normal d-beat stuff. Like, "Feign" is a song that I have heard in d-beat bands since Discharge, but the way it's executed in this totally hardcore style, without any of the genre expectations or stylistic hallmarks of d-beat, is really exciting and cool.

Somehow I guess I was expecting a kinda raw production but instead, this is a HUGE sounding demo, very clean and polished, makes songs like "Menace" (with its busy drum work) and "Place For Us" (with its more exciting and busy arrangements) hit that much harder, feel that much heavier. And frankly, in an American punk scene where the majority of bands sound like souped up garage recorded on a cell phone, this is SUPER refreshing to me, and for Therapy specifically and their more hardcore undertones (rather than a more d-beat undertone where a raw production may be more appropriate), this really works to their advantage.

Of course this band is even better live, seriously blew me away, basically I am super hyped on Therapy right now and I think everybody ought to get in on the ground floor and check this shit out.