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V/A - Tokyo Sound System Vol. 2 comp 2xLP

Image of V/A - Tokyo Sound System Vol. 2 comp 2xLP


(New Smell Records)

When I was hanging out with Jo2 (New Smell Records boss, Exit Hippies singer), he loaded me up with a metric shitload of records to sell on his behalf in the USA. So please enjoy these crucial and typically hard to come by pieces of noise crust heaven I carried across Japan and over the ocean straight to your loving ears.


The Tokyo Sound System comp series, and the community of bands they documented, is some of the most important music ever in my life. When I first heard these comps, it totally shocked my system, I never knew punk could be so free, so cool and charming, so fresh and exciting. Their mish-mash of raw punk and techno made me believe that punk doesn't need to be an expression regimented by rules or conventions, that the only limitations are what you place on yourself, that being yourself and finding your own voice is a big part of what makes punk/art powerful and compelling. I give these comps the highest possible recommendations!!

On the punk side of things, we have Exit Hippies, Effect, Tantrum (their tracks here are particularly great, totally wild and unhinged thrash hardcore that does a good job of hitting all the marks of the traditional Italian hardcore style they're going for), Abraham Cross (1 super legendary track here that set a template that I've been wanting to follow in a band for years), Stagnation, Joy (who contributes a really cool Killing Joke cover), Deconstruction.

On the techno side of things, we have Exit Hippies, Tatsuya Oe (his opening track is so fucking insane ugh), Takaaki Itoh ("Feed Me Shit" is also like a little slice of booty-shaking heaven).