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Uncut Reality #1/2018

Image of Uncut Reality #1/2018



First issue and off on the right foot! First off, this thing is thick and jam-packed with content. Easy to sink your teeth into, there's a lot of exciting stuff going on here. Second, the interviews show clearly some level of thought and knowledge, which is sometimes lacking in smaller-scale zines, and it makes for a reasonably compelling read the whole time though. Like, I didn't know there was a Dahmer 2xLP discography planned, I wonder what happened to it because that'd be fucking cool.

This zine focuses on noisecore and has quality interviews with bands you actually want to know more about: CSMD, Denak (a childhood favorite I haven't though of in some time), Atrofia Cerebral, Nihilist Commando, Tumour, Fuck Yoga Records, amongst others. Also a good load of reviews, some short features on more obscure-type bands (including SPHC crew Morte Lenta!), and some short reports from various European noisecore fests/gigs of note.