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V/A - Super City Pop 2xLP

Image of V/A - Super City Pop 2xLP



If you are me in this latest period of my life, and you're too depressed to really listen to music in a normal way, you are only listening to anime soundtracks and 60's/70's/80's pop from various Asian countries.

And if you are me, this is the record(s) you listen to more than any other.

Someone out there made the fucking sickest bootleg mixtape of 70's/80's Japanese disco/boogie/funk/pop that is basically the only thing that sustains me besides Grey's Anatomy. Nothing but straight fire, smasher after smasher, track after track after track. I don't really know how to appropriately describe or comment on this kind of music (*poser alert*), but this is EXACTLY the kind of shit I am into, and I cannot stop spinning this on a daily basis.