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If it's an SPHC release available on this site, or something I am helping distribute here in America, generally it's available for wholesale/trade.

Please note that American Pressings are meant for Americans and may not be tradeable to other locales. Also note that a lot of my releases are co-releases and I try not to step on the distribution turf of the other labels I work with.

12" = $7
10" = $6
7" = $3
tape = $2
write to place an order.

I prefer to trade, I trade as hard as I can, I apologize in advance if I'm unable to take your stuff. While I think trading is the best way of distributing punk records, unfortunately I can't afford to trade for stuff that I can't sell to crusters/grinders/hardcore aficionados that live on the east coast of the USA.

Also, because of current postage rates in the USA, when sorting international trades I will no longer do trades less than a minimum of 30-40 LPs. It's just not financially viable to do trades any smaller, because the per-unit postage is too large. Sorry about that.

Sometimes people ask about this, yes I have a distro but no I don't do mailorder from it, it's in-person only so catch me on tour sometime, thanks.